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  1. Coffee and doughnut cookie

    Coffee and doughnut cookie

    Every night we can my husband and I go to a very well known place for a coffee and a doughnut. So I decided to design a cutter that reflects us as 

    a couple, a coffee and doughnut cookie cutter!! What a fine way of celebrating Valentine's day this year with cookies that say "us".

    *** Cada que podemos mi esposo y yo salimos en las noches a tomarnos un cafecito y un donut en un lugar muy conocido. Asi que decidi este año

    reflejar ese gusto diseñando un cortador de cafe con su donut. Me parecio una linda manera de celebrar este dia de San Valentin con estas galletas

    este año. 

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  2. New cutters for 2019!

    New cutters for 2019!

    I've been asked to design new cutters for cookies and that is what I'm working on. Here I will be adding pictures of new designs.

    Here are some cookies I've created for the cookiers and cookie lovers.

    I hope you like them and share them.

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